Saturday, June 12, 2010

Disney Toy Story 3 World Premiere before 4000 People


Allegedly (and I guess everything in Sicily is "allegedly") 90.000 Dollars (or was it Euros?) went into making the 2000-year-old Greek theater 3D- ready for the World premiere of Disney's "Toy Story 3". The open-air screening in front of again allegedly 4000 people was allegedly the movie's world premiere - it was allegedly shown before the premiere screening in L.A.

The movie itself lived up to the high expectations one has for Pixar films - very entertaining, and always surprisingly engaging for a "toy story". The only potential criticism is that the 3D really didn't add much to the picture - the movie would have worked just as well in 2D.

So what's new in toy land? Well, things aren't looking so great - the toy owner has grown up and reached the ripe age of seventeen - so time to go to college, clean out the room at home, which also means: an uncertain future for his toys. Donation? Attic? Or even trash? These are the toy options.

Turns out all options become true one way or another, and along the way, the movie also features a traumatized strawberry-smelling bear, hilarious encounters between Ken and Barbie and to top it all off, Buzz discovers his Spanish side.

Overall, this is a movie definitely worth seeing, and a great start for this years Taormina Film Festival. Definitely not a "kids-only" movie, and it contains a level of darkness that might even be a little disturbing for more impressionable youngsters.


Ever so fashionable, in Italy, even 3D glasses come from Milano.

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