Thursday, May 14, 2009

Cannes Film Festival Opening Day

Was late for the "red carpet" ritual of the opening ceremony, so didn't bother at all to go - otherwise, the usual slow opening night atmosphere - Pixar's opening movie "Up" is getting good reviews - took a few pictures of the red carpet and the opening party for "Up" and uploaded them directly via twitter - that's live reporting, only using a mobile phone - geek heaven!
Later at night, ran into an old friend who hasn't been here for four years, and through her met somebody I worked with back in the 90s when this whole Web in Cannes thing was still brand new, who told me he put up Quentin Tarantino for a week in Paris in 1992 when nobody knew him but that he still wasn't sure whether he could get an interview this time and get around the publicists - evening ended with a beer while people-watching on the Croisette and listening to drunken conversation at the next table that involved a girl called Harmony as well as a mix of Dickens and Talking Heads citations - welcome to Cannes, baby!

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