Sunday, April 26, 2009

Cannes Film Festival Director's Fortnight Program Announced - CoppolaFilm included!

This just in: "The Godfather" director Francis Ford Coppola will present his latest film "Tetro" in the "Director's Fortnight" program in Cannes. Partly autobiographic, "Tetro" tells the story of a young US-Italian trying to find his brother in Argentina and features former male model Vincent Gallo in a leading role.

Long-time rumored to be part of the official Festival program, Coppola chose to present his movie in this "parallel program" that was created at the end of the 60's as an alternative to the "official" program. These days, the "Director's fortnight" tries to present movies that are less "austere" than the typical selections in the official program, according the program Director.

Another surprise is the presence of two Hollywood stars in the program: Jim Carrey and Ewan McGregor are playing the leading roles in "I love You Philip Morris", a film that has yet to find a distributor in the US due to some "hot scenes", as reported by the French newspaper "Le Monde".

In contrast to the official Cannes Film Festival program, the Director's fortnight has a strong US presence, with five of 24 movies coming from the States.

Ajami by Scandar Copti et/and Yaron Shani (Allemagne, Israël/Germany, Israel) * (closing film)
by Cherien Dabis (Etats-Unis/USA) *
Les Beaux Gosses
by Riad Sattouf (France) *
by Denis Coté (Canada)
Daniel y Ana
by Michel Franco (Mexique/Mexico) *
Eastern Plays
by Kamen Kalev (Bulgarie/Bulgary) *
La Famille Wolberg
by Axelle Ropert (France) *
Go Get Some Rosemary
by Benny et/and Josh Safdie (Etats-Unis/USA)
de/by Tzu-Nyen Ho (Singapour/Singapore) *
by Lynn Shelton (Etats-Unis/USA)
I Love You Phillip Morris
by Glenn Ficarra et/and John Requa (Etats-Unis/USA)* 
J’ai tué ma mère
by Xavier Dolan (Canada) *
Jal Aljido Motamyunseo (Like You Know It All)
by Hong Sangsoo (République de
Corée/Republic of Korea)
by Chan Fui (Chris) Chong (Malaisie/Malaysia) *
La Merditude des choses
by Felix Van Groeningen (Belgique/Belgium)
de/by Sebastian Lelio (Chili/Chile)
Ne change rien
by Pedro Costa (Portugal)
Oxhide II
de/by Liu Jiayin (Chine/China)
La Pivellina
by Tizza Covi and Rainer Frimmel (Autriche/Austria)
by Denis Villeneuve (Canada) 
Le Roi de l’évasion
by Alain Guiraudie (France)
La Terre de la folie
by Luc Moullet (France)
by Francis Ford Coppola (Argentine, Espagne, Italie/Argentina, Spain, Italy)
Yuki & Nina
by Nobuhiro Suwa et Hippolyte Girardot (France, Japon/France, Japan)
* Films competing for « Caméra d’Or » Prize

Short films

A Repüles Története
(The History of Aviation) by Balint Kenyeres (Hongrie/Hungary)
American Minor by Charlie White (Etats-Unis/USA)
Anna de/by Rúnar Runarsson (Danemark/Denmark)
El ataque de los robots de Nebulosa-5 (The Attack of the Robots from Nebula-5) by Chema Garcia Ibarra (Espagne/Spain)
Canção de amor e saúde (Chanson d’amour et de bonne santé/Song Of Love And Health) by João Nicolau (Portugal, France) 
Cicada by Amiel Courtin-Wilson (Australie/Australia)
Drömmar Från Skogen by Johannes Nyholm (Suède/Sweden)
Dust Kid by Yumi Jung (Corée du Sud/Republic of Korea)
Les Fugitives (The Fugitives) de Guillaume Leiter (France)
Jagdfieber by Alessandro Comodin (Belgique/Belgium)
John Wayne Hated Horses by Andrew Betzer (Etats-Unis/USA)
Nice by Maud Alpi (France)
Superbarroco by Renata Pinheiro (Brésil/Brazil)
Thermidor by Virgil Vernier (France)

Special screening

Montparnasse by Mikhaël Hers (France) 

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