Thursday, May 15, 2008

Opening Day Cannes 2008

Quick evening visit for the festival's first day - missed the red carpet ceremony - first stroll along the Croisette - lots of big pavilions this year on the beach - took some pics which I hope to upload later

Then dinner with friends and acquaintances - they told me about a surreal event the witnessed when they drove over here: a KISS (yes, they apparently are still around) concert in the venerable arena of Verona, usually reserved to Opera - must have been quite a sight!

Overall, quite a nice atmosphere this evening - mild May weather - not too many people, but good, elegant crowd.

Much later, a visit to the party for the opening movie ("Blindness" - apparently disapointing)


Highlight: I catch Cate Blanchett leaving the party - unfortunately, get a pic with a camera phone only:

Cate Blanchett leaving opening party

Here's a more official summary of day 1:

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