Saturday, May 19, 2012

All 2012 Festival Trailers Available

A hidden, but pretty key gem on the sometimes a little hard to navigate official Cannes Festival site are the trailers of all films in the 2012 Festival (added link to top menu to make it easier to find).

All is there - competition films, side programs, even "Cannes Classics".

Here are some straight links to some of the most highly anticipated films by the "general public":
  • Cosmopolis starring the "rob" part of robsten - Robert Pattinson. Trailer looks promisingly gruesome, dangling rats (or is it mice? does it matter?) included, in line with Director Cronenberg's past oeuvre.
  • On the Road - on to the "sten" part, Kristen Stewart. Based on Jack Kerouacs famous novel.
  • Madagascar 3 - which suitably starts out in nearby Monaco
The "most mysterious trailer" award, though, goes to "Holy Motors" - see for yourself why.

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